Please help my nepethes argentii!! (again)


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Hi everyone

Today I recieved a Argentii.

Despite being in transit for nearly a month in the summer heat, it seems to have come green.

However, there seems to be something wrong about it.



If you see closely near the lower part of the newest leaf, you can see this shiny, pale green part that is unsettlingly close to the growth point. (the shine is not from water)

The plant was shipped through temps in the 80s for nearly 3 weeks...

Could this be signs of heat stress?

If not,  please tell me what this is.

I do not want to import another one... The proccess kills me.


Also, do you have any tips for acclimating nepenthes? Is low light and high humidity gradually increased/decreased okay?


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My guess is that the light-green part is from the plant attempting to grow while in one month of darkness.  That tissue is probably very sensitive (esp. to high light).  Should be okay if you are growing under lights indoors; just don't put it in high light conditions.  

Here's one (of many) reputable online acclimatization guides:

Congrats on getting an argentii!  It's on my bucket (pot?) list! :)  Best wishes with it!



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