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Dactylorhiza 2022


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These are self seeded orchids. The first is the only one in a Sarracenia lagoon inside a greenhouse. It's a little smaller than it has been previously but that may be the effect of the "Enchanted forest" which is also self set in the same pot.




The second is a group of Dactylorhiza that made themselves at home in the middle of a Hosta tub.



Photos of the "Enchanted forest" are available if demand is expressed

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"The Enchanted Forest" Otherwise known as the female sexual reproductive parts of a Liverwort. ie.Marchantia:- archegonial head on a female gametophyte.





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An early morning shot of the "Dacti in a Hosta" a few days ago.



This one is a plant I selected from the "weeds" some years ago due to it's leaf markings.

It's come on quite well.


It will look a lot better in the coming days


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