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Possible long fibre sphagnum replacement for nepenthes

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The price of longfiber sphagnum moss is quite a problem. I may have thought of an alternative. On a website i came across called giardino carnivoro, they sell a product called “long fibre  sponges” (I’ll attach an image) and this made me think, that kind of sponge would have similar quality’s to LFS, it holds and absorbs water well and has similar fibres plus it’s sterile and way cheaper. If anyone would like to test my theory your welcome to do so. Thanks 


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Yes. Although I dislike sponge and prefer hydroponic rockwool instead.

Cellulose sponge are attract gnats. While poly sponge are too light (floating), not good at wicking water, also difficult for roots to penetrate its (most of times root grow around sponge).

On the other hand, hydroponic rockwool are great. No gnats. Easy for roots to penetrate. Good at wicking, storing & releasing water. Also provide excellent aeration. Some brands like grodan has larger pores, so better aeration than cultilene (which hold more water, perfect for some drosera).

I add mulch to protect its water from heat as I grow them outdoor (tropic, equator)

Here my sarracenia (growing from rhizome without any leaf & root since a year ago) & drosera in rockwool

I have some nepenthes in rockwool (large block & smaller cubes), but I don't have its pictures yet (currently at overseas)



sarracenia pot.jpg

sarracenia top.jpg

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