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Weird thing on my nepenthes

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I have two small argentiis, and today, I found this on one of them:


There's this weird little bump that almost looks like some sort of tumor between the roots and the stem of the plant.

There's another one between the stem and a wooden leaf, slightly below where the dormant growth point should be.

The other argentii doesn't have this feature. I have no other nepenthes that have this little bump. Can anybody tell me what this is?

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Nepenthes victreebel said:

It may very well be an activated node

Really? I never knew that there could be dormant nodes near the roots...

Thanks for the info!

It just so happens to be that my main plant is dying, probably of root rot.

Is there any way to make sure that the basal grows successfully?

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I suppose that could be true as well, but there is another one that looks just like this located on the stem where the dormant node should be. Perhaps that one's the possible basal? I'd like to take a picture but the leaf that turned into a part of the stem is blocking it:turned:

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