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Any hope left in my N. argentii?


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Hey everyone.

Yesterday my two Nepenthes Argentii plants  (size s) arrived, with its leaves and growth points blackened.:shock: It came moist, as it was shipped in a ziplock bag, and I saw some white dots of mold on the leaves. Only the roots looked sort of healthy.:cray::cray::cray:


I soaked their roots in water for about an hour, cleaned the mold, and covered it in a ziplock bag before potting it.IMG_8697.thumb.JPG.4014a0eb15d43855ed43fb4c7aa392ee.JPG

 I've seen cases where an almost-dead plant comes back to its roots. The stem itself has traces of leaves, and I'm sure that there could still be some dormant growth points.

Is there any possibilty of this poor plant coming back to life via basal or something?

I'm keeping it out of light, in high humidity (80%-90%) and in a lfs/perlite/lava rock mix.

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