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Just started on keeping carnivorous plants last year and got myself a Sarracenia I think is a smoorii. Anyway I cut it down over the winter and keeped it in my unheated greenhouse. Now I am really pleased it it as 2 flowers and growing nicely. Such an unusual flower. I will not be going to try and grow any from the seeds I am quit happy with the plant and flowers. I may get another one and see if next year I can get that to flower to.

All the best to you all Les



Sarracenia Smoorii.jpg

Sarracenia Smoorii 1.jpg

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Well done on getting it to flower in your first year. Sarracenia do not self-pollinate so unless you've got insects around you'll have to pollinate it yourself to get any seed. Seed pods take a while to mature so there wouldn't be any seeds until at least September/October time.

To me your plants looks as if it needs more light so make sure it's in your brightest window.

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Hi Linuxman, Sorry for late reply. I did before but must not have hit submit reply.Thank for your help and advice much appreciated.

I will not bother with seeds, just enjoy the flowers and plant itself. It as been in the greenhouse since last summer and is back in there now. I just brought it in to take the photo's and show my wife how nice the flower is.


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