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S. flava - brown and black spots on a lid


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I have a problem with my S. flava (yellow pitcher plant) and I couldn't find any answer so far. It came out of dormancy about a month ago. It has two new leaves (about 40 cm / ~1.3 ft each) and another two are on their way. And the problem is related to the first leaf that grew up just after the dormancy period.

I noticed that there are a few brown spots near an edge of a lid. Today, there are a bit larger than a week ago. Also, I found there are two black dots on the lid (marked with dark blue) - I noticed them today in the morning. The leaf is new, it is about 3 weeks old, so it is not the case.

Please check the attached picture:


What can it be? A fungal infection? Can it be caused by not enough light?

I would be grateful for any comments and ideas. I would really love to understand the root cause and solve the problem as soon as possible ;-) I do not want to see these ugly spots on other leaves ;-) 

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