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Nepenthes pitcher problem

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Hello, I have owned a N. X Ventrata for around 6ish months but not once has it pitchered for me, for a while I sprayed it around 4 times daily however recently I purchased a humidifier. I recently repotted it into sphagnum and orchid bark 2 : 1 so it is going through a bit of shock. one theory I have for the lack of new pitcher is that when I was on holiday the person looking after it mistakenly cut off all of the lowest biggest pitcher embryos. If there is any way I could induce pitchers fast I would love to know. thanks in advance.

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Heya Vic and welcome to the forums, btw! 

It isn't a humidity problem most likely. An easy to grow hybrid like the x ventrata has got to be just the LIGHT. MORE LIGHT and you will have pitchering immediately! You DO need good humidity too but still my bet is on the light.

You say six months without it, so long as the plant leaves itself are healthy and not suffering from any other maladies, providing more light will do the trick. 

QUESTION: How is the growing space? Natural or Artificial Lighting? 

If natural lighting only right now and you don't have an option for MORE natural light without burning it, I would add loads of Artificial Light with something in the UK that is similar to the US 4-Foot Shop lights. 

I have grown Nepenthes TOO successfully in a terrarium setup with these 4-foot shop light over shelves setup for years and pitching too much was more of the problem than not enough. (More pitchering means more leaves, means growing more height and outgrowing the space/pot even quicker.)

Here is a VERY EARLY ON image of my setup back in 2018 showing the SHELVES plus tanks with some Neps growing pitchers:

Here is another pic of the same plants ONE YEAR LATER:



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I should add about my setup:
You will notice that I have mirrors setup to really help the light too. Whether the light above is enough without the mirrors I can't say as I have been growing with mirrors for years now as I just frankly LIKE THE LOOK better when I have tanks. Even the tankless plants growing in just open trays got 4-foot long mirrors added behind them that aren't in the picture back in 2018. 

So LOTS OF LIGHT and MIRRORS to help KEEP that light where you want it helps a ton. 

Hope your setup allows for something similar! :D Good luck! 


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I have had a huge upgrade, since then I have started growing out of a large plastic box with a humidifier and purple grow lights. I took into account the mirrors and covered the set up with two apart from the front. I also would like to know can it be too damp for nepenthes , these guys have condensation on the leafs and I wanted to know if it was badimage.thumb.jpg.f1692c5934468df211e6509ab5fdbf0e.jpg

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