U. menziesii in flower

Tobias Kulig

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On 12/19/2021 at 8:19 PM, Tobias Kulig said:

My plants of U. menziesii showing first flowers after division and repotting.

Awesome U. menziesii, bravo! Can you please tell me the depth at which they are planted in the substrate? How deep are the tubers in the substrate?



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sorry for late reply! My clusters are 10-15mm under the soil surface. Very important in my opinion is no direct contact to the peat. My clusters are in a bed with pure sand!




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7 hours ago, Tobias Kulig said:



Good afternoon!

Thank you for your reply! Thank you very much!
I think I planted my U. menziesii too deep. I'll take it out next season and replant it. How do you write on GFP to the depth of a teaspoon :)
Seedlings are from April on the photo.



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