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Rootless leaf cutting going dormant, is that possible? (with pictures)


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About 2 months ago I moved my temperate Drosera Anglica from its propagation water table to my live/dead sphagnum pot. It's been in water, very wet in a window sill with additional ~15w red-blue light for 12-14h a day. 
Does anyone know if they are able to go dormant, seemingly without even having rooted? They're stuck to their old mother leaf. Do they need more light, or a cold period? Thank you guys for your help.



Close-ups in habitat https://imgur.com/a/7iOha3E
Please look at the link for progression + current setup at the bottom: https://imgur.com/a/8UuvhNa
Close-ups out of habitat https://imgur.com/a/vJ5FybG (same as the pics above but in a folder)

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