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Greetings from London


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Been tinkering with these marels of nature for a few years, ever since I rescued a sick Dionea from a garden centre. The plant has been potted up a couple of times, and is still growing well years later. Its had a couple of others added to keep it company, and a drosera...and a Nepenthes or two....but my first love is the little snappers ( or bigger one ...I have a B52 )

They do a great job of keeping the flies down and have a nice sunny windowsill to leave on that they really seem to like.


Have had a couple of 'infestation' issues.... and thats kind of why I have decided I needed to get a bit more knowledge on these guys. Aphids I can handle....but something has been nibbling traps and leaves, and I don;t know what it is! Wonder if you guys can help :)

I have put it in another thread further down...to keep this as a 'hello'


Always good in my book to say hi when you join a new community...I mean...you do when you meet people face to face!

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