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Sundew Check In (Crispy edges???)


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I repoted it today. Mixture is around 40%perlite 60%spaghmum moss (dead)

Does it look okay?
Yellow or crispy leaves are something I am not sure about. It could be from the springtails and stinky bacteria, or maybe some condition.


There is the the old pot attached too. Is it ok if I still keep it? THere is some utricularia I would like to observe.



Edit: (Adding on second photo_

2021-10-23 (1).jpeg

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Based on the information provided, it's difficult to say whether the mixture of perlite and dead sphagnum moss is appropriate for your plant. It's important to ensure that the soil mixture provides adequate drainage and aeration for the plant, as well as appropriate moisture retention. The yellow or crispy leaves could be a sign of over- or under-watering, nutrient deficiencies, or pest infestation.

As for the old pot, it's generally fine to keep it if you're observing utricularia, as long as it's thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before reuse to prevent any potential transfer of pathogens or pests. However, it's important to monitor the health of the plant and ensure that it's not being negatively affected by any factors, including the soil mixture or the presence of springtails and stinky bacteria.

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