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A Stinky Situation (Drosera spatulata)


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Hi, I recently got one of these..

So, it started out okay for the first week or so, everything was normal, and the sundew continued producing dew.

Today I decided to water it from the top instead of the bottom (Not sure if that is ok with sundews...) and realized that there were around a hundred tiny little white worm-like bugs (I think they are springtails) floating around. And, the soil smelled like sulfur. I suppose that's because the soil was 100% peat moss and it was only bottom watered. 

I washed out the soil with distilled water until the water wasn't a yucky shade of brown.

The two sundews seem fine, I will attach photos later (My phone camera "conveniently" broke at that time), but the bottom layer of leaves is yellowing at the ends. But, the newest leaf and two coming in seem fine. Do note that the new growth had little brown marks, what I assum is Humic Acid buildup, which was temporarily fixed by the washing.... THe many utricularia subulatas in the pot are thriving and partying, producing more leaves then ever, probably from feasting on the little bugs...


So here is where I need your thoughts and ideas on:

- Should I repot the sundew out of there? If so, should I wash all the roots off?

- If I do repot it, there is quite a bit of moss and utricularia I would like to save with it, should I do the same? Or can i keep small bits of peat moss with them to preserve the moss and utricularia?

-Should I do anything about the sulfur bacteria? I am thinking of just moving all the utricularia into a salad container with good draining soil , and throwing away the old peat moss mix that smelled bad...


Thanks for your help..

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