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Unsuitable Sphagnum

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In the latest online issue of the Carnivorous plant society newsletter Phil Wilson writes about various alternatives to peat. A really interesting article which will definitely encourage me to try coir and various other substrates.

One of the alternatives he writes about is sphagnum moss, which many of us use either alone or mixed with other substrates.  In the article Phil writes "Be wary of live sphagnum offered for sale on eBay as it’s often actually moss for hanging baskets and not suitable for use with carnivorous plants".

If Phil uses this forum then a bit more info would be really helpful.  I'm sure the sphagnum I buy from my local garden centre is intended for hanging baskets and I'm now a bit concerned my plants may be in less than optimal conditions.

Or can anyone else shed any light on this, please?



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I would suggest Phil is referring to LIVE sphagnum moss whereas the stuff you typically buy from Garden Centres is "dead" sphagnum moss.  Having said that I doubt that "dead" sphagnum moss would do any harm.  After all peat is primarily dead and compacted sphagnum moss along with other long dead  bog plants.

So my suggestion would be find somewhere selling live sphagnum and try that.  I have seen people on this forum selling live moss and I am sure you can find it by doing a search.

Kind regards,


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