U. longifolia f. bonsai - Strange Flowering


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Hi guys, today I bring you a strange phenomenon that I found with this species and this form in particular:

I bought the plant this summer, with location Pedra do Sino, Rio de Janeiro. I repotted it in pure live sphagnum, and arriving at August 20, 2021 it gave life to the floral scape. The strange thing is that the flower does not look like that of this shape, and I do not understand if it is a factor inherent in the variability of the species, or a clone obtained from seed that perhaps has pulled out recessive genes, or even a hybridization. The fact is that at present the developed flowers do not have the lower lip D:

If they can help you, I will give you further details and approximate measurements:

Flower, long, from the calyx to the end of the spur: 1 cm

Pedicel, long: 1.7 / 2 cm

Floral stem, long: 32 cm

Number of flowers: 9

Sun exposure: shielded but abundant

Current temperatures: 28°C - 20°C

Water level: Always high, almost half pot

Vase: normal, dark, small 7 x 7 x 10 cm approx.

Have any of you observed the same phenomenon?

What do you think, it's not layer as a flower?

Photo Gallery here:

U. longifolia f. bonsai {Pedra do Sino, Rio de Janeiro} - Photo Gallery


Best regards,

Capt. Alessandro

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