My experience with Utrics in terrariums.

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I've always loved terrariums, and I had a bunch of moss ones before I got obsessed with Utricularia.
Depending on the time of the year my "interest" in plants shifts, so I have quite a variety of jars and such. 

I grow my utricularia (terrestrials :>, they are less expensive, LOL) in spaghmum and perlite. 

I have a few in fishbowls (Please do NOT put your fish in them, it is too small for fish!!) from Dollar Stores (I am in the U.S., not sure if your local dollar stores or dollar trees have these glass containers). 

Here is some question and answer for selecting container, noone asked me these questions but I thought it might help:

Q: Does it need to have drainage?

A: No. Utricularia like to stay moist the whole time, so it doesn't really matter...

Q: Does it have to be glass?
A: No. Ceramic would also work. Avoid terracotta that is unglazed and just will leak out water and salts. I would also avoid plastic because I don't like the look, BUT, I have seen thick plastic bowls that have lovely colors in local stores, and you could use those. You could probably do drainage holes in those too.

Q: Can it be fully enclosed?
A: Well, it depends on what species. Depends on the height too. A lot of the terrestrial utrics have pretty tall flowerstalks so if the container is too short and it is fullly enclosed, unless you open it, they would get really tangled. Probably yes for some of the shorter-bloom-stalk species and larger jars.

Q: Small opening (Like a fat wine bottle, or the shape of a milk jug), or big opening (Like big jar of pickles, or shape like big bucket

A: Both are fine. I think big opening ones are easier to set up and maintain.

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They will bloom under good conditions.

I have my livida (THe only one I have after I moved) in light shade, but I haven't seen any flowerstalks yet (They are recovering from when I went on vacation and they dried out... EEK!).

I'll move them to a terrarium so I can flood them like I did before I moved.

Some utrics flower after you flood them slightly. Though its hard to do in a terrarium.

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