Producing Gemmae in the UK

Paul O'Keeffe

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Just curious on how and when a Pygmy produces Gemmae? I was watching a video on someone's collection of Drosera and he said if you want Gemmae, let the plant dry out a little in the summer time. Another online page said 'If the plants are getting sufficient seasonal light cues they will produce gemmae in the late fall and early winter'. 

Both were from the US so how and when in the UK is the time for a pygmy to produce Gemmae and how do you encourage it to do so? 



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It is simple, they will do it naturally as the daytime shortens, usually November/December time for me also (grown indoors on a windowsill)

Have fun catching them as they jump once disturbed. People use allsorts but i find a wet cotton bud works quite well when collecting them just gather them from the outside in.

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