U. reniformis And Hybrid rotted


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Hello Guys, today I have a question for you! 

The Speech it's a bit long, but I'm desperate!

Mine Utricularia reniformis "Mata Atlantica" it's Unfortunately rotted for no apparent reason.

I kept it in a cold greenhouse, with maximum temperatures between 30-35 degrees, along with many other Utricularia, shaded.
In a substrate composed of only live sphagnum, refracted vessel, 1-2 cm of water fixed in the tray.
At some point, after the production of the first leaves, it begins to feel bad.
I decide to lower the water level, then after some week i add perlite to the bottom to avoid contact with water, as long as I even try, then i think (maybe can ben the sphagnum?) so i repot it in peat and perlite, as I grow the classic U. reniformis (which blooms every year in those conditions).

In the end it is rotten!
the leaves have sagged and it has fallen apart all!!
Same thing with U. reniformis "small form" and U. nelumbifolia x reniformis
but this fortunately saved with leaf-cuttings method.

I can't understand, why others grow them in the same medium, same water level, sometimes even flooding them, hassle-free.

I wonder can the heat make them rot? at 30-35 degrees?

Can ants destroy the rhizome? There are ants around the pots.
The insufficient thermal shock?

I find the water level strange that is the problem, as others survive.
Exposure, strange because many bloom.

For example, longifolia burst with life, all the clones I have.
Always the same conditions.

It is precisely the reniformis group that gives me problems.
Best regards, 



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