Drosera rotundifolia

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Hi all,

I went for a walk with my girlfriend onto my local common yesterday looking for Drosera rotundifolia. I was lucky enough to find them infact when I got my eye in they were everywhere!

Also enjoyed finding the bog asphodel and bog heather, and the common lizards were out which also was a welcome sight.


20210822_113942.heic 20210822_122515.heic 20210822_122522.heic 20210822_122625.heic 20210822_130230.heic

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Hi Guy,

Its in Surrey, yes there were loads of them, quite alot of lizards also but yes that one was really dark and a few others were but there were some lighter coloured, that one just happened to be closest to me.

If you want to know where exactly pm me and I'll let you know...:tu:


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