What do you do to the old soil after repotting?

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As the title says, I just want to know how/if do you reutilize your old potting soil after a big repotting session?

I would like to know your experiences regarding peat moss mix and also about the dried sphagnum moss.

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I dry it up and sift out all cource materials and reuse. If it is not broken down it is still good. The rest goes in the compost and will eventually be part of the garden soil. I do the same for all my potted plants, not only cps.

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@Tropfrog @Guy  Until now I've been using it as you guys, mixed with normal soil for other plants or spread through the garden. Even re-use it sometimes, and all went good until now. 

Just wondering if it could have a better use.

Thanks for the replies.



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