Drosera madagascariensis failing to flower

Bog boy

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Hi all,

I have a Drosera madagascariensis which I purchased last year, she is fine and seems to be growing happily but this year the same as last year she puts out flower stems with buds but they fail to open! I get to see a glimpse of pink petals but the buds never seem to open! 

What am I doing wrong? She's in the greenhouse full sun, last year she was inside on a South facing window, I wondered if a repotting was needed as she is still in a 9cm round pot?

Any ideas why I'm failing to get her to flower, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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1 hour ago, gardenofeden said:

Well mine never flower, summer is too short. Drosera flowers often only open for a couple of hours around noon on sunny days, so you may just be missing them

Thank you for getting back to me gardenofeden... I didn't realise that Drosera flowers only open for a couple of hours hence I'm at work all day it makes sense that I could be missing them unfortunately.

Sounds like I'm lucky getting mine to throw out flower spikes and buds then, so I'm guessing I can't really complain then.

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