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My Cape Sundew isn't looking good it looks sick after few weeks of owning it


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My Cape sundew albino (Drosera Capensis Alba) seems to be sick and its neglecting its growth

Some Pics  (Gyazo)




the plant was about 2 weeks something under my care

my location is a tropical place

i use tray method the water is up to 1 inch and RO water

i use windows sometimes(Rarely) growlight when the conditions outside aren't good 

my pot is about 2 and half inches tall and about 2 inches wide

Unknown must be all sphagnum moss dead 

temperature about 30 celsius sometime mostly 26 to 29 celsius (Estimated) Currently 31 celsius

i dont know about humdity 


new leafs becomes black dead or limp and i cut them of to decrease chance of infection 

at the full grown leafs the end is becoming brown triming those too

plant looks like yellow green (Camera pics aren't accurate)

black stuff in the hair traps and tainted the leaves might be (Humic acid)

Can anyone know whats the problem i followed this guide 


Please HELP


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What I would suggest (that is until I read your care notes :shock:) is to place a plastic bag over the plant and pot to increase humidity. This seems to help dew production. If the plant recovers slowly allow more natural air into the bag by cutting off the corners. Do this gradually over a few days or weeks. Good luck.


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Thanks for tips @linuxman i will attempt to try it out

PLUS: update on the plant

i found some rotting parts under the plant i removed them and they seems to be 1 spider mite on it and top watered it to flush mineral thingys out 

i think the problem i am not hardening it to warmer temperature the shop i brought it from is like 26C room temp i am keeping it out of direct light it seems to decrease the death of leaf sprouts(tips becoming black and limp) 

i am gonna recover the plant by growing it in shade(by a window) untill its ready to face the conditions of outside of course i am gonna apply your tip


Edit: what do meant by (that is until I read your care notes :shock:

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