Potting mix for nepenthes


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Hi everyone,

I've got a Ventrata and a Gaya and have had them for a couple of months now...

They took a couple of weeks to settle but are now growing really well with lots of new pitchers. 

Having been reading as much as I can about them, I'm now concerned I've potted them in the wrong mix, even though they're growing well.

I used a lining of spagnum with the main mix being Carnivorous Plant Repotting Mix (see photo).

Am I better to repot them in something else? I'm worried that repotting them again will put them back and they'll drop their pitchers...

Screenshot_20210701-212607_Amazon Shopping.jpg

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I've used that compost for sundews in a pinch, but I wouldn't use it for nepenthes unless I had to. They will be ok, but they would prefer a less heavy mix - you will need to be careful not to overwater. If you only potted them up a day or two ago and you have sphagnum, I would repot them in a sphagnum/perlite mix.

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I potted them when I first got them 2 or 3 months ago now...

I guess the question is whether it's better to put them through the stress of repotting or leave them as they are...

The ventrata is producing a new leaf maybe every 7-10 days now and the pitchers are forming well... 

Would it be better to wait until winter to pot them again? I really don't know what's best to do...

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Definitely better to wait if they are growing well. Don't worry about them too much - they are surprisingly tough! If there hasn't been a huge jump in pot size, it should be fine to wait until they next need potting on. Just don't overwater! If it is possible, the best way to tell when to water is the weight of the pot - if you wait for it to start feeling slightly light before you water, you can't go too wrong. Good luck!

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