Will Sphagnum moss grow on Coco Peat?

Triffid Guy

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I have bought some Coco Peat to repot some of my carniverous plants

and experiment with..  I would like to also try and cultivate some Sphagnum moss.

Has anybody had any experience with trying to see if Sphagnum will thrive as a top dressing on Coco Peat please?

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I've had excellent success. For me it grows even better on coir than on peat. What is important is that you check the salt content of the coco-peat.

Additionally, I found out is that Sphagnum loves being showered often: really let the water flow generously through the substrate - works well in pots, but also in barrels if you have a hole 5-10 cm from the soil surface where the water can exit).

This way you can counteract the salt build-up and in part the blackening of the Sphagnum heads.

Good luck and keep us updated!!

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