Utricularia longifolia x U. reniformis (and vice versa)

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Hello Guys,

In recent years I have been trying to investigate more the nature of this genus. 

In this post i want share with you my experience with the U. longifolia and a first hybridation test with U. reniformis. 

In this time i haven't seen much information about this cross, and i don't understand why no one pubblication was shared online.

Mine Utricularia longifolia had been obtained from leaf cutting pretty much one year ago, and after a "winter rest" in temperate greenhouse with temperatures that have reached min. 5°C, the U. longifolia decided to gift me in 2021 a wonderful 3 violet flowers.

After an investigation of the inside structure of the flower, and with the flowering of U. reniformis in the same time, i've decided to try the seguents cross:

Utricularia longifolia x U. reniformis 

Utricularia reniformis x U. longifolia 

The pollen produced of the U. longifolia it's light gray, pretty much the same color of mine U. reniformis (that it's little bit more dark).


In May (30/2021)

The test have been started 

Photo 30 May 2021


In June (4/2021)

The flowers of both species was fallen in water. The same things was happend when i've pollinated only U. reniformis x self, after 4 days the flowers was fallen with no one external force applied.

Photo 4 June 2021


In June (6/2021)

Today, after other 2 days, both flowers have the ovary more big, sign that the proccess it's started.


As soon as I have have more updates I will let you know.

If you like this study, release a feedback, that i want explore more this tiny world.

Thank you for yours attention.

Santo Alessandro P.



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