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Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with humidity. I'm growing an Alata (or Ventricosa, could be either) and a Gaya in my conservatory in UK. 

Both seem to be doing OK but after buying a temp/humidity clock, I think the humidity is too low. I spray them liberally 4 times a day at least but the humidity on the clock is only 30 as you can see in the photo.

I don't mind getting a humidifier but don't want to end up with mold...

What do you guys think?



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Nice looking plant!

Complicated thing, humidity.  Spraying your Nepenthes will make it wet, but won't automatically raise the humidity in the area round your meter.  Which I see is at the base of the stand.

Humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapour in the air, not the amount of water.

What reading do you get if you put your meter in the middle of your Nepenthes both before and after spraying--Don't spray the meter!!


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Hi Guy,

Throughout yesterday the humidity probably averaged about 40/45 where the meter was initially stood.

Just now, the reading was 40 on the table. I've just sprayed the nep and sat the meter on the leaves and it's now showing 55%.

Definitely an improvement but is it enough do you think?

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Sounding good!  A friend of mine has several Nepenthes in his greenhouse.  The humidity rarely gets above 60% and they do really well.

My greenhouse is currently at 29%.  It goes up as the temperature drops, and my Nepenthes survive.

Looks like yours should be fine.


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