I have a broken n.gaya :(


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I ordered what was meant to be a Bloody Mary but when it arrived it was a Gaya and a little worse for wear. 

Over all its pretty good but the central growth on one part of the plant was snapped of in transit. 

Will this be able to recover and grow from this point?

I have added a picture that will probably make more sense than my explanation


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It looks pretty robust to me and I'm assuming there is another stem too?

As long as it is kept appropriately I dont see any reason it shouldn't produce new growth from the lower nodes. Unless someone else with more experience of this specific species knows different.

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Thanks for the reply!

It has another stem which is OK so hopefully, even if this one doesn't grow, it should still be ok :)

It has about 7 pitchers with more growing so fingers crossed :)

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