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I'm very new to carnivorous plants and had very little knowledge of them but I came across 'The Savage Garden' book in a charity shop. It was fascinating reading and I just had to try growing them myself.

I have a few plants at the moment, some Sarracenias, a sundew and a Venus Flytrap. and am just seeing if I can keep them alive before I expand my collection.

I already have questions I need answering so will be posting these soon!

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Hello and welcome John

You picked a good book and to find one in a charity shop is very lucky, i always look for them when im in there but haven't found one yet in many years of searching.

It is a good idea trying to keep a small collection alive, much easier to manage and get to know what each plant species prefers before going mad and amassing a huge collection.

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4 hours ago, Guy said:

Hi John

Excellent start.  Where are you keeping your collection of plants?


Thanks for the welcome,

I have 3 on my canal boat, 2 Sarracenias and a Sundew. They are under a 12 hour LED growlight but arguing with the on board spiders over the flies and gnats. There are plenty for all! The others are at home in my kitchen window. All seem to be growing OK.


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