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Belfast sink bog garden setup advice

Bog boy

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12 hours ago, pirks said:

Oh s@@t that’s what i get from looking at the forum on my phone.

should have been thanks Bog boy, I apologise for the confusion Guy

No worries pirks, hopefully it's of some use and help to you... watch the length of your snorke over flow section. Rather than lengthen mine I'm going to order a rubber bung from ebay bung it up in summer for a more saturated level in summer and unbung it in winter for a lower level in hindsight. It isn't drying out but the hot spell does evaporate quite abit!

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As you most of your probably know we had alot of rain in Hampshire and surrounding areas yesterday...

Well I just thought I would say that the my sink overflow worked fantastically, no issue with it flooding, pooling or filling up and overflowing.. I even bunged up the overflow with some foam to see what would happen and the back pressure from the rain popped it out.

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I would never have thought that the sink could be used as a flowerpot. This is just a fantastic idea. Now I want to do precisely the same. It looks exciting and unusual.
I just bought a house recently, and I have a lot of work to put the garden in order. I planted a lawn, some flowers and bought garden furniture. Only this is not enough at all. I'm also thinking of growing shrubs. This will create some shade for my flowers and close the view into my house. Privacy is good. So I'm thinking of repeating your idea, but I don't know where to find the same beautifully shaped shells.


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5 hours ago, annalivan said:

Can I do this now?

I don't see why not, I'm guessing as long as the weather not too hot like last week, I'm guessing everything should establish well, providing its all been hardened off against the sun.

To be honest I'm a greenhorn in regards to keeping carnivorous plants, there's alot more knowledgeable and experienced people growing carnivorous plants on here compared to me.

All I have done was work out a drainage system for a Belfast/Butler sink, that I thought I would share. The sink has been doing very well and coped with a few very heavy down pours very successfully.

Hopefully this helps.

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Just alittle update for you all...

I put my second sink in today, just waiting for it too pass the leak test hence the glass sheeted lid to reduce any possible rain or evaporation and the straps left under for lifting, If it passes then I'll get planting...



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