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Sarracenia Smoorii


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Having found that my tap water is sufficiently soft for the smoorii i now move on to care :-

As an indoor plant will the smoorii leaves fill up themselves or should i add water to them

What can i feed them if insufficient natural sources. Dead flies ? Pieces of leftover meat from dinner ?

Advice for overwintering ... cold, dark , damp ?

Many thanks



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Your S.smoorii won't need to have its traps filled with water.  It'll sort it out for itself.

As to feeding, you'll be surprised how much it catches without any help.  If it's in a sunny position it will get energy from photosynthesis.  Any flies which tumble into it will just add to its nutrition.

Winter?  A long way off yet!  But have a read of this.  There's plenty of other information on the web, and especially on this forum, but this was the first thing which came up when I Googled your plant.

Happy growing!


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