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Can these sarracenias still be saved?


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I have a large pot with a bunch of sarracenia alatas. After this winter I see that they don't look very healthy at all and look very brown'ish. When taking off old leaves it was dark brown instead of white. Also the new sprouts from the crown (3. pic) look like they died off.

The summer was extreely dry and was followed by a very rainy but mild winter but near the end of the winter there were sudden freeze drops of -10°C and +26°C two weeks later and then again -7°C night freezes. Might these severe weather changes have killed off the plants?

The other sarracenias (purpurea, flava) in comparison all look healthy.




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They look OK to me but it might be worth checking that you don't have any rot in the rhyzomes - just nick back of the rhyzome with your thumbnail. If it is white all is good. If it is brown keep cutting the rhyzome until you reach white.

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