My Pinguicula primuflora is dying (help please)


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My Pinguicula primuflora seems to be dying. I got it yesterday and it came in spaghnum moss and some Styrofoam pieces. I kept it that way and put it under my grow light. However this morning, the leafs looked really limp and after doing some research, I quickly reported it in 1 part peat and perlite. Is there a way I can revive this plant?



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I haven't had a lot of luck with P primuliflora in the past but the ones have now are doing slightly better being kept very wet.  Potted in peat/perlite (1:1) like yours with a topping of live sphagnum in which the plants are sat.  Pots are in a tray with about an inch of rain water.  Also they are not in direct sunlight.  Mine are tiny compared to yours and just starting to put out new leaves.  Looking at the grow point on yours it may be salvageable.  Hope it will survive.

PS welcome to the forum!

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