Cold House Carnivorous Plants Flowering

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Cold House Carnivorous Plants Flowering

Today we visit the carnivorous plants in our cold house, where magnificent sundews are currently blooming, which have been growing here for 20 years. An impenetrable tangle of glue traps, glowing in the sun, is formed by the Australian Drosera planchonii. With particularly splendid blooms inspires the South African Drosera cistiflora as well as the Tibet orchid, Pleione formosana and our Drosophyllum developed quite worth seeing over the years. The current generation had sown itself in spring 2019 here in the cold house without our assistance in a pot with the American butterwort Pinguicula planifolia. Even after two years, dewy pine and butterwort are thriving perfectly together, and in the meantime sundew and bladderwort have joined them on their own. Enjoy!



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