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Stratification question


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Hi everybody,

I have question...


About 6 weeks ago i put a number of sarr seeds in ziplock bags with a bit of damp chopped sphagnum for stratification.

Today I put the seeds/sphagnum on the surface of the pots, making sure the seeds have good contact with the soil (pressed them in a little bit but can still see them).

All how it should be done, I thought.


Except today I re-read some things about stratification online, and it seems that air in the ziplock bags is advised.

When I prepared my seeds I rolled all the air out of the bags, so there was really no/very, very little air left.

Does anybody know if this will dramatically change germination outcome?

Would it be best to put the pots in the fridge again for some time?


The seeds sown were harvested last year, so they are fresh.

I really would like some advice with this, because it's quite a big batch of different species and nice crosses...


Kind regards,



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i would just leave them as they are now,but for next time just sow them in winter onto old compost and leave them in a cold greenhouse,

keeping the compost wet and they will germinate naturally.

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