Some problems with droseras

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Hi All,

I recently bought a new peat which should be better that me previous one. Previous peat is quite quickly covered with green algae and moss. It was very annoying.

I planted seeds of several species, they grew up ok and continue growing but very very slowly. At the same time I bought Drosera capensis var. alba and typical form, Drosera rotundifolia. It's been 1 month already and they look sick... 

Drosera rotundifolia after several days since planting.


The same plants since 1 month from planting.



Drosera capensis are without any change... They grow very slowly and their leaves constantly turn black.




I use soil: peat:sand 1:1. Water and lighting are ok.

Regarding my seedlings... They doesn't die but grow very slowly:

3 month since sowing:




Note that there are no any algae or moss. It tells us that the peat should not have nutrients.


Also I would like to show my friend's drosera aliciae that are in the same peat and sand. Also has sick red color and black growing point:



Have somebody faced with such issues?

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do you read the declaration of your peat? Its a small area on the pack. Is it fertilized?

It should be H2-H5 (better H4)

pH 2,5-4

And no fertilized! Some garden peat its possible, they have incl. fertilizer!

Which water do you use?



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I bought the peat with simple white pack without any declaration. The seller told me that the peat is not fertilized. 2.5-3.5 Ph.

I have checked it with my TDS and PH meters. My results: 77 ppm and 3.7 PH. As far as I understand it is Ok results.

I use distilled water. To be briefly: all conditions for the plants are OK. But I am not convinced that the peat is ok. As you can see my sundews have sick red color... I don't think that is can be related to too much watering.

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Maybe you put too much emphasis on the algal/moss development to decide whether a substrate is of good quality or not.

I think the key question would be: what is special in your new peat that does not allow algae/mosses to grow? I have got moss growth even in sterilized peat given enough time (so spores can reach the place) and favourable conditions for its development. If I get a peat that is not colonized by mosses at all (in places where moss is favored to grow), I would be suspicious...

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Hm. It makes sense but I am not sure that I can check it any way.

I've just ordered a new good checked peat from Russia. It may sound ridiculous, but it is difficult to find good peat in Belarus. I hope it helps save my plants. I will try to repot all plant from the peat to a new one from Russia.

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4 minutes ago, Guy said:

Why do you have soil in your mix?  Nutrient free peat and sand or vermiculite should be OK.


I use substrate which contains of peat and sand. Looks like I was faced with bad peat for CPs.

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