Fungus attack


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Here are sketches of what I can see with microscope (400 x).

Fig. 1 and 2 are white filamentous »things«. They looks more like Cianophyta, but there is no chlorophyll inside. There is no visual cross cell wall anywhere and no dilatation or barrier of inside matter, also can't see nucleus or any other organelle, nor necridiums nor heterocysts.

The »thing« 1 is thinner than the »thing« 2.


On fig. 3 are empty hollow sacs with air inside. These are ingredients of cobwebs looking »thing« on 3rd photo. Inside this sacs are probably fungi, looking like multicellular Sacharomyces (fig.4)


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False alarm!

As I found many white filaments elswhere, not only at sundews, I researched my cat's bed and checked undercoat. Yes, that is it! Undercoat and some stronger hairs. No pesticide needed.

I still don't know what is on fig 3 and 4, but  probably is not dangereus.

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