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New member here :) 

I am looking at creating at least 1 container bog garden for some carnivorous plants, but wondered if I am right in my thinking and would appreciate the help as a beginner.

I have gained 2 Belfast sinks and as I will not be able to put any drainage holes in, and the overflow being right at where I'd plan to have the mediums surface level, I was planning to run a pipe through the plug with some holes about halfway up. However, and here entails my main question, I often see recommendations to line the container with a pond liner and don't know if that is necessary - am I missing something with my novice brain?

And I believe I am right in this, but 50:50 Irish Peat Moss and Perlite with nothing below the medium (gravel etc) at the base of the container (and a sphagnum moss layer over the surface/around the plants)?


Thank you for any help you can offer in advance.

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I made a Belfast sink bog  couple of years ago and it is really developing well. I was worried (probably needlessly) of the bottom getting anoxic so my setup is maybe a little complex. I sealed the drain hole and lined with plastic sheeting, and put somee (quarter mm) stainless steel mesh over the overflow so water could get out and not compost. I put 2 pieces of plastic tubing (about 5cm  dia) in 2 corners reaching from top to bottom of the sink, and with lots of drill holes near the base of these to act as water feeds. 

I layered the fill- about 5cm lime free sand and the base into which the plastic pipes are embedded, then mostly filled with peat/perlite/sand mix and at the top 5cm of peat/sand (so the perlite does not show on the surface). The fill level is a couple of cm below the lip (and rather higher than the overflow)

I water it mostly through the pipes with the idea that oxygenated water goes straight to the bottom and passes outwards through the sand; the rest of the water goes on top. 

It is planted up with 2 (shortish) S. flavas, 2 S. purpurea, a S. purpurea/minor hybrid and a S. purpurea/leucophilla hybrid, as well as a clump of D. filiformis. Between these are a couple of small species of self seeded Drosera, some hardy Pings and some self seeded U. bisquamata (I am going to remove some of these as the Sarracenia get larger and the surface gets shaded. Some Sphagnim has established around the pipe entrances (nicely hiding the plastic). I have already had to thin out the D. filiformis as it did very well.


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Posted (edited)

Thank you - that's a big help

I was planning for a a fair few Sarracenia, and a couple Droseras. Pings seem harder to source at present, so might leave a space for one if I can get hold.

I may put the obligatory VFT in there, but actually, having currently got one in a pot, I might keep the bog VFT-free.

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I like Drosera, but I can't take care of them. I have read many different botanical articles that describe how to care for them. Although I perfectly understand that this is a moisture-loving plant, and the soil must be constantly moist, they just dried out. I have advised a fertilizer that is easily diluted in water, and this solution should be sprayed once a week with Drosera. But even this didn't help. The main thing that I was told for irrigation is to use distilled or rainwater. Unfortunately, it turned out that due to incorrectly installed pipes, the water in them constantly stagnated and caused the fungus to multiply. After replacing the pipes by the company WILCO PLUMBING, I hope that the situation will change significantly and I will be able to start breeding plants.

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4 minutes ago, Alfredolch said:

I don't really like Droseras. I can't take care of them.

Goodness!  Which Droseras have you tried, and what goes wrong?


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