Looking for budget solutions to reduce temps in a small terrarium.

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Hey everyone! I want to start experimenting with CPs that prefer a cooler environment (Heliamphora, epiphytic utris, nepenthes)
I have a 40x25x25cm terrarium for them, so we're talking only a few plants.

I've started looking into cooling solutions and immediately ruled out aquarium chillers, as they cost way too much and are hard to get in my area.

I also don't want to take apart fridges and mess around with wiring, I have no experience and don't want a fire hazard in my room.

I've found this video, which is the closest to what I want to accomplish, but this setup would be very loud and the tank is 2 meters from where I sleep.

The temperature in my apartment is usually between 25-28C (77-82F).

What would you recommend for my situation? Is it a bad idea to just insulate the tank and dump some ice below the pots before nighttime (and only allow air circulation during daytime)?

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Lower the temperature in your apartement. 25 to 28 c is a waste of energy and not good for you.

What is your climate like? Is it possible to feed the tank cold air from outside parts of the year?

The night temperature is more important to higland plants than daytime temps. And some days in the peak of summer with high temperature is seldom a problem 

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We have hot summers and cold winters with frequent temp changes all year.

I don't think it's possible to bring in outside air, there's not enough space around the windows to place the terrarium. 

28 is the absolute max it gets when we overdo the heating and very rare. It's usually right around 25 in the wintertime and lower every other season.

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Thanks for info! I only recently started doing this. How nice that I can keep the temperature in my apartment using the air conditioner. I realized that I should put it precisely in place next to the terrarium, so I will need to call specialists https://www.socool.sg/why-is-your-aircon-leaking-or-dripping-water/ so that they immediately check the air conditioner. If you say that high temperatures are rarely a problem on some days in the middle of summer, then that's great. Because this way, I can easily go on vacation in the summer without fear that my plants will die.

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