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This time we are looking in our greenhouse for pitcher plants (Nepenthes), for which because of their attractive pitchers we often get requests for cuttings from you. First of all, there is Nepenthes rafflesiana var. alata, which is much sought after because of the striking frills on its lower pitchers, and which also forms quite large upper pitchers. Similarly often asked for is N. ventricosa "Porcelain", which as the name suggests is popular because of its porcelain look lower pitchers. Before we take a look at our most popular hybrid N. veitchii x edwardsiana, we will show you the development of the seed pods of our N. bicalcarata female, of which at least a few are starting to swell after the pollination end of December. Unfortunately, no more cuttings can be pre-ordered at the moment, the demand was simply too great. Enjoy!



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You are welcome, the seeds came from our Veitchii female, pollinated and harvested at our greenhouse in 2016. So the plant in the video is about five years old. They grew slowly because I rarely gave any fertilizer. Haha, large Neps will soon need much place :biggrin:.

Edwardsiana pollen came from a friend. This is our mother plant N. veitchii "Highland" in 2014. Meanwhile the source of even more hybrids like N. veitchii x bicalcarata (still quite small):


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