Selecting sarracenia seedlings

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I have some seedlings from crosses I have done that need sorting out once the pots thaw, both some 1 year old and 2 year old (no heat, light etc, just normal growth). In both there are some plants several times the size of others. I can't rear all of these, so want to then them out, so does the vigour now stay as they mature? Are plants that are small at this stage going to stay slow growing, or does the growth rate sometimes change so a plant that is small early on can end up fast growing?


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From experience,at this age you just can't tell what is going to be good or not,give them at least another year.One of my best plants from a cross was the slowest and smallest of them all but it is the best now without doubt.

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Thanks. I'll pot up as many as I can, even if it means having more in a pot than I wanted. I am amazed how varied the F1 crosses are- in a cross of a veined S. oreophila and a red purpurea I have seedlings ranging from really slender red pitchers to short fat green ones, with some 5 times the size of others. Other crosses not as varied but still excited to see what develops.

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