Best support for tall pitchers

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Hi all,

Being fairly new back to the hobby after 30 or so years, amazed at the size of some of the wonderful hybrids !

Looking forward to the start of the growing season, please can anyone advise on the best staking methods ?

Thanks in anticipation,

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Greetings Ada, got my first plant from you last year !

I would like to try growing some outdoors in a sheltered position in summer but am concerned about wind blowing them over. Or is this not recommended for the larger varieties ?

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Good to hear it's still alive Mark, the pitchers will adapt to outdoor life a they grow.They will be a bit shorter but more stocky when grown outside,the wind will make them stronger too but the problem is rain and wind,it allows some to fill up and then fall over.the ringed canes are good but can distract from the beauty of the pitchers on smaller plants

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I grow a fair few outdoors in bogs and many tall ones do indeed blow over in high winds and rain. Over the years I have tried a few methods but never come up with anything better than a stake and stiff wire. As Ada say, unless you have the time and can be creative with how you position it (you can loose a lot of the impact if you have a lot of plants close together and 'hide' the stake in the general morass of pitchers and position the wire about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the pitchers) it can detract from the overall display. Having said that flattened pitchers look worse.



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