Happy New Year with the fastest terrestrial predatory plant in Guinness World Records 2021

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A successful and especially healthy 2021 to all of you!
Today we are of course especially happy about the entry of "our" Diva into the Guinnes World Records 2021. The photo also shows the important players: On the top left the photo of Richard Davion, who was the first to report about the fast catapults. The right photo shows Dr. Simon Poppinga, group leader in the Plant Biomechanics Group at the University of Freiburg, who, in collaboration with the Hartmeyers, measured the fabulous 75 ms for a capture with a high-speed camera and coined the name catapult-flypaper trap. While exchanging data with a colleague, the latter was so impressed that he submitted the "Diva" and the Bladderworts to Guinness as a record-breaker ... and this was accepted. A great story.

Guinness-Diva_mit Richard&Simon_1_HappyNewYear.jpg

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