Led matrix connection question

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Hi All,

I have a led matrix with the following specification:

Rated current: 0.72A Max current: 1.44A

Min voltage: 33.3V Max voltage: 37.0V

Also I have a cooler with the following specification:

Rated voltage: 12V Starting voltage: 6V Rated current: 0.19A


Can I connect these equipment with a led driver which has 30-42v voltage and 950ma current? Will the cooler break due 950ma current or it only will take how much it needs?



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30 volt Will break the 12v fan. A driver should be rated higher ampere than the devise it is suppliing.

In my Country we have a law that sais that you are not allowed to work with electrical work without "necessary knowledge".  That means that if you burn down your house you didnt have "neccesary knowledge" and Will be without help from the insurance. Please check local laws and your insurance before connecting anything to the mains. 

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