Mexican Pinguicula media

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So I've got 2 Pinguiculas: 

P.'weser'x jaumavensis 

P.zecheri x jaumavensis

Just wondering what sort of media these guys should ideally be in (closest to their natural habitats in Mexico). 

I have read that they grow in alkaline pH soils, lime etc..

What would the pH ideally be if I go and buy say, garden lime or something? 


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The ideal substrate is depending on environment and care regime. That beeing said, my little experience is that pings are not very fussy about soil mix as long as it is fairly low in nutrition. I had p mesophytica growing successfully in lfs attached to a branch in my terrarium until the gecko in there decided to rip it out.

I dont use soil ph meters and dont Think too many cp growers do. So getting info about soil ph levels will proboably be hard. But lime from your garden center is most likelly pure calciumcarbonate, the exact same form as any lime in the nature. If your species prefere lime in soil it will not be far off what they grow in in nature.



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