D.capillaris x intermedia & D.slackii


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Hey folks - just want some advice on what's going on with my D.capillaris x intermedia & D.slackii.

So I got these guys a few weeks ago and since then capillaris x has pretty much just died. It was flowering, (I cut those off)I left it outside in the summer sun (here in nz), there were some much cooler days with wind and rain. Dead. 

As for my D.slackii, this guys is still alive thankfully, but isn't doing the best - It has some sickly growth, where all of its leaves have turned yellow, I did read that it doesn't like too much heat or full sun very much. It's now outside in the shade. 

Both of them are in the same spot in the shade in large, tall pots sat in trays of water.

Hope somebody can help

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17 minutes ago, Plantfreak said:


Yes, have you never heard of it? Haha

I haven't kept that many sundews in the past, so not too much experience to lean on. 

I thought I'd just put them under the bbq, on the east side of the house(plenty of morning to early afternoon direct sun, but they are covered) seen as they didn't seem to appreciate the direct sun. 

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4 hours ago, Plantfreak said:

T5s are best, keep the plants around 30 cm distant.

Sweet ! Do you have any suggestions for a small type ? I kinda wanna get 1-2 small sized grow lights for say, a windowsill for all of my CPs before autumn and winter come around. I'd be growing my sundews and my Neps under the lights

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