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What kind of bug is this?

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25 minutes ago, Tropfrog said:

How can you tell they are pests before they are identified? 

Hard to say from the Photo.  Could it be springtails?

I doubt that. I grow mainly orchids and I know how springtails look like.

To your point, I suspect this could be a pest. That's why I posted some photos and asked for advice. 



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22 minutes ago, jasperD said:

Do you see any damage on your plants? It kinda looks like thrips but the foto isn't really clear. 

You are right, sorry for the bad quality. I cant see any damage yet. They appeared a couple of days ago. From what I recall thrips are smaller than this. I can see they are concentrated mainly in the leaves nodes that's why I thought could be young mealybug. I'll take a closer look tomorrow. Thank you very much 

PS: i always had thrips during spring or summer, its strange seeing them approaching winter. 

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Difficult to see from the picture but they don't really look like mealy bugs to me which are flatter and more silvery white in my experience.  Your "pest" looks more cylindrical in shape and a sort of light creamy yellow.  Try to take some pictures from different distances so we can see the little critters more sharply in focus and thus clearer.

Kind regards,  Rob

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