Is it too warm for dormancy?

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I live in zone 8a, and this is stupid but I'm not sure if it's cool enough for my 'lil horrers to go dormant. It is around the last third of November, and I have one Sarr purpurea venosa and four Dionaea outside. Our coldest month is February, then January, then December. I think my plants might get two-and-a-half months of dormancy. Is that fine?

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Zone 8A should be fine for your plants to go in dormancy. Zone 8A has plenty of carnivorous plants such as Sarracenia and Dionaea naturally occurring. If I'm not mistaken there is even Sarracenia alata in Texas in either 8B or 9A. Temperature is not the only factor for plants to go in dormancy but there is also the aspect of photoperiod (daylength).


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Ok. I have my CPs under my patio, because Texas is weird. A week ago we almost got hit by a tornado! In late November!! With no warning!!! Should I move my plants to get more sun, because my Dionaea are yellowing a bit. I have them in a clear plastic lidless box, and I dont want the sun to warm them.

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