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Germination Tips Needed!


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I personally have found it hard to find information on germination for Pinguiculas. If you guys have any tips or tricks please let me know. Also feel free to include the substrate used, time periods etc that you have had success with! Thank you!!!


I have personally had very limited success with just P. moranensis germinating but have tried to Germinate 6 different varieties ( 4 mexican and 2 temperate). 

I am going to buy some P. esseriana in 3 differnet varieties 'mini', 'medium' and 'giant' and try germinating them in a warm place on paper towel dampened with distilled water.

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Temperate ping seed needs to be sown very fresh in my opinion.I sow mine onto old sarracenia compost to avoid mould issues you can get with new compost sometimes.if sown within 6 weeks of harvesting,some seed germinates in the same year and grow a bit before going dormant,then the following spring it will all germinate naturally

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