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Hello averyone.

After several years i’d like to share my experience with Nepenthes indoor. If your winter is cold like mine is (i live in north Italy and here isn’t rare to reach -10 celsius or less) i’ll hope my little tutorial could be helpfull :) 

Every october i need to move my plants indoor, years ago it was easy with few plants but it was more difficult every year and right now i have lots of plants and i decided to buy a little greenhouse and turn it into a GIANT growbox. 
soooo first... you need space! 
i bought a 2,5 x 2,5 m esagonal greenhouse that costs like 80€ 

1. i placed few wooden pallets in the floor to isolate the greenhouse and some rigid plastic sheets (just because i need to walk into the growbox).

2. Then i set the “growbox” on

3. LIGHTS! In my experience i saw that if you grow Nepenthes you don’t need powerfull lights. My best results are with 4200K (it contains every colors Nepenthes plants need) outdoor spotlights, i’ve placed 20W spotlights every 40 cm and 50/100W spotlights for bigger plants (some of my plants are really old and bigger then 2 meters!) to give your plants the best habitat to grow: ok! I’ve used a really easy set up, just one 3 bar pump with a fogger system bought on amazon ;) it works for 30 seconds every 3 hours.

5. fix every shelves is very important

6. time to move my plants from greenhouse to growbox :D

7. after 2 weeks they start to bloom and 1 month later they seems to really like the “winter cave”! :D


Let me know how do you think about my work and feel free to share your experience! :) i hope someone will find it helpfull:) 

good growing to everyone! :D 


p.s: my temps are 26 celsius during day and 16-18 in the night as a normal tempsjump in my basement.

p.p.s: beacause i prefer to walk into my house with my feet and not with a boat i’ve add a little air extractor just to throw some humidity outside, i’ll post some pics asap.


sorry for my English :) I hope it is understandable.

















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