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Polycarbonate or glass.

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Hi All,

I'm looking into getting a greenhouse and have found that polycarbonate is a great deal cheaper than glass.

My only concerns are what effect it has on sarracenia, and does it fade to a less clear state,causing it to allow less light. 

Would I be better off going traditional and having glass?


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Lucky you! In my country the polycarbonate are more expensive than glass.

I use polycarbonate anyway. It is far superior in my climate because it hold the heat of the day longer into the night. The greenhouse is built primarily for food in summer and for overwintering less hardy plants in winter. My sarracenias is still seedlings and I dont have anything to compare yet. But I am quite sure it is beneficial to them.



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I'm also looking for a mini greenhouse for my sarracenias and am considering the same as you. I believe that glass would let more light through but the polycarbonate would filter light and keep it cooler on hot, summer days. I could be wrong though. Which shops have you been looking at for your greenhouse? 


These are the two I'm considering as I don't have a lot of space. 



As you've said, the price difference is quite noticeable in the UK. Don't suppose anyone could offer any opinions in which they think would be best? Sorry, don't mean to hijack your post. 


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